About Me


My name is Antonio and I’m a software developer. I’m from Tenerife, Spain, but now living in Helsinki, Finland. Over the years I have lived and worked in Bilbao, Madrid, Brussels, Montreal and San Francisco, and hold great memories of each place.

Professionally, I used to work on the backend side of things, but for some years I decided to move into machine learning, getting a MSc. on the topic. However, after a few years in and around that field I decided that pure backend engineering and distributed systems is what I enjoy doing the most, so nowadays I do that. I use the Go language whenever possible, but of course the occasional shell or python script is useful as well. My tool set is Linux, i3 with a bunch of terminals, Vim, Git, and a browser.

Personally, I enjoy cooking with or for friends, eating, board games, and doing exercise in the form of martial arts, but I can be convinced to go on running or climbing as well.


I usually hang around at the gophers slack under my @antoniomo handle. Other than that, for professional contact just contact me on my LinkedIn.